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The Snoqualmie Pass Utility District’s water supply comes from several wells.  The

District has water rights from the Department of Ecology that allow the District to pump

a certain amount of water to serve a certain number of customers. Currently the District

can serve up to 1053 Equivalent Residential Units (“ERUs”) based on existing water

rights. An ERU is equivalent to one single family home.


To ensure the District does not commit to provide water service beyond its existing water rights, each commitment to provide water service is tracked. The commitments include existing customers, property owners issued a current Certificate of Availability for a development or a single-family home that have applied to the District for water service and have paid all applicable District fees and charges for such service. This tracking indicates the District may have 220 ERUs remaining for allocation.   

However, the District also tracks the amount of water that is pumped from the aquifer and the amount that each customer is using.  This data indicates there has been an increase in customers due to growth and that the usage of water per ERU has almost doubled in the last few years. The District is concerned about the residential growth rate and related water usage because of our limited availability to provide water supply from our aquifers that are limited by its water rights.  The District currently has 603 water meters issued to our customers, and of those, 530 are active.  There is also pending litigation with one landowner that may tie up 230 connections indefinitely.  The District has also discovered it may not own several of the water rights it had planned on to supply future growth.  The District is concerned that its commitments and allocations to provide water supply not exceed the maximum amount of its Water Rights to provide such supply.

Given these concerns, on June 11, 2018, the District’s Board of Commissioners adopted Resolution No. 2018-07 which authorized the District General Manager to suspend the

issuance of Certificates of Water Availability and the acceptance of any applications for connections to the District’s water system until September 14, 2018.





Information Sheet Concerning Issuance of Certificates of Water Availability 


As you may be aware, Snoqualmie Pass Utility District has experienced significant growth during the past several years.  The District’s ability to provide water supply from its aquifers is limited by its water rights obtained from the State of Washington Department of Ecology.  The District staff have undertaken preliminary study of the demands on the District’s water supply from its existing customers and allocations and commitments to provide future water service and have determined that demand on the District’s water supply may now meet or exceed the District’s water supply. 


Based upon this preliminary study, on June 11, 2018, the District’s Board of Commissioners adopted Resolution No. 2018-07 which authorized the District General Manager to suspend the issuance of Certificates of Water Availability and the acceptance of any applications for connections to the District’s water system. 


The District is undertaking appropriate actions to analyze and determine the District’s remaining water supply, if any, available for future water demand based upon the District’s existing customer demand and projected demand for valid and existing District Certificates of Water Availability and other water service allocations and commitments.  In addition, the District has retained outside consultants to assist and perform this analysis.  One of the issues currently under consideration by the District is the appropriate manner in which the District’s remaining water supply, if any, is allocated for future use. 

Pending resolution of these issues, the District will not accept any additional applications for Certificates of Water Availability or other requests for water service and will not maintain any waiting list or other priority list for allocation of any remaining water supply.

The District appreciates your patience and cooperation during this difficult time and will continue to provide you with periodic updates concerning these issues.  For the latest information concerning these issues, the District recommends that you attend its regularly scheduled Board of Commissioner meetings held on the second Monday of each month starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Fire Station located at 1211 State Route 906, Snoqualmie Pass.









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