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PUBLIC NOTIFICATION 1/31/2018 as of 5:00pm

The Snoqualmie Pass Utility District Water System, ID 81048F, located in Kittitas & King County has RESCINDED THE BOIL WATER ALERT. 

The District installed a chlorination system at the well source on Saturday 1/27/2018 as a precaution.  The water is chlorinated, and we have tested and confirmed that the chlorine residuals are stable throughout the District.  The District has also collected bacteriological samples as a precaution and all results were negative.

  • Residents may once again use their tap water for drinking and everyday normal uses.

  • As an ongoing precaution the District will continue to chlorinate to ensure the water is safe to drink.

  • Businesses with a food permit will need to contact their County Health Department official prior to opening for business.

    • For Kittitas County Public Health call 509-201-6331

    • For King County- contact your inspector listed on the permit

  • Please continue to flush your line if you experience air and/or turbidity.

The Snoqualmie Pass Utility District Water System sent this notice to you on 1-31-2018 at 5:00PM


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Frequently Asked Questions:
Why does my water appear milky or cloudy?

A milky or cloudy appearance is usually caused by air bubbles in the water, which pose no health risk. If the water is allowed to sit, the air will dissipate and the water will clear. If the cloudiness does not disappear, please contact us so that we may investigate.

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