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PUBLIC NOTIFICATION 1/31/2018 as of 5:00pm

The Snoqualmie Pass Utility District Water System, ID 81048F, located in Kittitas & King County has RESCINDED THE BOIL WATER ALERT. 

The District installed a chlorination system at the well source on Saturday 1/27/2018 as a precaution.  The water is chlorinated, and we have tested and confirmed that the chlorine residuals are stable throughout the District.  The District has also collected bacteriological samples as a precaution and all results were negative.

  • Residents may once again use their tap water for drinking and everyday normal uses.

  • As an ongoing precaution the District will continue to chlorinate to ensure the water is safe to drink.

  • Businesses with a food permit will need to contact their County Health Department official prior to opening for business.

    • For Kittitas County Public Health call 509-201-6331

    • For King County- contact your inspector listed on the permit

  • Please continue to flush your line if you experience air and/or turbidity.

The Snoqualmie Pass Utility District Water System sent this notice to you on 1-31-2018 at 5:00PM


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Frequently Asked Questions:
What causes some water to be discolored?

Color in water is usually caused by naturally occurring organic matter, minerals, or mineral build-up in the pipes. We flush our water system regularly to clean mineral build-up and other sediment from the pipes. If you receive discolored water, you should let your faucets run until the water is clear. Such substances typically do not pose a health hazard; however, we ask that you please report any instances of discolored water so that we may investigate.

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